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"Preludes": works on paper at Stwdio3

‘PRELUDES’ A selection of works on paper 1979 - 2017

“Preludes” consists of a selection of drawings spanning four decades, most of which have been worked directly from the model and have been used as preparatory studies for subsequent paintings -some of which Stwdio 3 will be showing at a later date. They are all works on paper utilising the versatility of charcoal, graphite and gouache; often in combination. Several are being shown publicly here for the first time.

Glenn's work is resolutely representational in a classical style owing much to a lifelong study of the figurative Masters. “Abstraction has never held that much interest for me; it lacks that vital element of deception…’

Self Portrait: charcoal pencil

Softlit Nude: charcoal pencil and white gouache

Foreshortened Nude: charcoal pencil

Flat Top: graphite pencil

The exhibition is on show for two weeks commencing February 5th.

Stwdio 3 is open Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm

Make it in Wales Stiwdio 3 3 High Street Cardigan SA43 1HJ

Tel: 01239 758088

Learn more about 'Make it in Wales and Stwdio 3 by following the links below

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