A 'Wigan Pier' Book Cover

Wigan Pier #3 Wigan Pier #2 Orwell: The Road to Wigan Pier A variable edition of four screen prints Six layers; acrylic, acrylic silver, adhesive and graphite powder. Seawhites 300gsm watercolour paper. A1 size. March 2017 George Orwell has for me, that most unusual knack of being able through his writing style, to place me as the reader at the very centre of the action; as the protagonist. When I am reading him, I am Gordon Comstock, I am Winston Smith, I am George Bowling. I am the passenger on the train crossing the North of England catching sight of the woman clearing the drain…* A very few books have placed me in such a position. “Catch 22” did; “Moby Dick” too. Orwell achieves

George Orwell: book cover designs

Orwell: Coming Up For Air 5-layer screen print 1/1 Orwell: Homage to Catalonia 5-layer screen print 1/1 Orwell: 1984 6-layer screen print 1/1 Orwell: Collected Works 4-layer screen print 1/1 A suite of single, unique screenprints [no editions have been created]. Designs for book covers for Orwell’s works. Based on both the graphic and physical qualities derived from the overlayerings, degradation and tearing/ripping of posters from billboards. The portrait element was transferred from three [same size] self-portraits painted on acetate sheets which were then directly exposed onto the silk screen. Liquitex acrylics on Seawhites 300gsm and Fabriano Artistico papers.

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