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Glenn's art is an expansive oeuvre comprising several distinct projects, each pursued with a single-minded conviction.


“The subject has to resonate with me personally. I'm not a crusading artist but if something moves me, I feel compelled to respond to it through my work.”


Crucially, he allows himself to follow that gut feeling with no concern for his potential audience or for the commercial viability of the work. Just as his country home is pleasantly isolated, so is his position in relation to the rest of the art world. And he wants to keep it that way.


“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that distance from the contemporary art scene is no bad thing. Because I have never had a high profile, I do not need to serve up a specific product for a particular market,  agent or gallery and there is no obligation to follow trends. I am able to keep my options open. I can step from one project to the next, adopting any medium I choose. I work on things I can believe in, not on work I am obliged to produce.”


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