VOTE! Artrooms: London 2018

An online vote for inclusion in a show set within the elegance and glamour of the Meliá White House, ARTROOMS is an interactive showcase of today’s most thought-provoking artists. My submission details can be found by following the link below:

Artist Interrupted @RBSA

“Artist Interrupted; a portrait of Rozanne Hawksley” oil on canvas with copper wire, feathers and iron nails. 112x91cm “Shortly after moving West Wales in the early 2000’s, I came across two assemblages by Rozanne Hawksley. My initial response was that here were the products of a first-rate intelligence. My second musing was why I had not seen her art back in London when I was living there. Why, in a lean period for British art -all seductive surface but gravitas-light, had her name not been regularly heralded in the [inter]national art press? Hers is a body of work which authoritatively identifies what it means to be human, through meditations on love and loss, bereavement and

Heads: works in progress

All works in progress: Screenprint and freehand acrylic on canvas All A1 size The image derives from self-portraits drawn from a mirror, and then reworked paintings onto acetate sheets. The acetates were transferred directly onto the silkscreen using a photo-sensitive emulsion. The acrylic colour backgrounds were applied through a worn, partially blocked screen producing a range of diagnostic marks and reflecting the weave of the cotton duck canvas. Details are picked out freehand with brushwork. By using the familiarity of self-portraiture, I am free to concentrate here on a proliferation of surface mark-making achievable only with the medium of serigraphy.

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