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The composition of the figure physically enclosed within the confines of the frame [or crate] suggests simultaneously both penal cell or refuge and hiding place. It is employed here as a visual metaphor for the individual as the subject of:
 1 political oppression; the suspension of human liberties and the enforced subjugation of the individual.
2 human trafficking. Referencing the high risk strategies employed in acts of global transmigration, either voluntary or coerced, which place people in extremis, situations into which they are willing to locate themselves and/or others, in the [often vain] hope of improving their economic prospects.

The figures are rendered anonymous; the shadows of the crate in which the figure is positioned deliberately obscure individual features.The dispassionate titling system labelling works by unit within batches is employed to emphasise the objectification of the subject matter, where humanity is reduced to mere commodity.


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