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Screenprint and freehand acrylic on canvas      
All A1 size; recomposed subsequently.

These images are derived from self-portraits drawn from a mirror, or from rapid biro/ballpoint pen sketches [max 15 minutes] executed with little regard for proportion or structure; more a crawl across a scape recording facial twitches and distortions across an ageing face.
This source material was then reworked as paintings on acetate sheets. The acetates were transferred directly onto the silkscreen using a photo-sensitive emulsion. The acrylic colour backgrounds were applied through a worn, partially blocked screen producing a range of diagnostic marks and reflecting the weave of the cotton duck canvas. Details are picked out freehand with subsequent brushwork. This process was repeated across several overlayerings
By using the familiarity of self-portraiture, I am free to concentrate here on a proliferation of surface mark-making achievable only with the medium of  serigraphy. Nothing too precious…

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