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Selected Works 2000-2019 @Stiwdio3 Cardigan

Press Release:

Resident in Newcastle Emlyn for fifteen years, Glenn left a career as a Scenic Artist for film and television [several years with BBC]. This work had provided opportunities for him to practice trompe-l’oeil techniques and visual trickery on an industrial scale. The methods he employed and the visuals he was responsible for creating there have continued to nurture his own subsequent artwork. “For more than thirty years, the focus of my art has been the human figure, painted in a representational idiom built upon an accumulation of particular details.This approach extends to commissioned portraiture; but any prospective client seeking flattery is recommended to look elsewhere.” The title of this exhibition reflects his role as something of a storyteller, though as narrator, his voice may be rather unreliable. Details of fact may be subjected to manipulation, but always in the attempt to reveal a deeper truth. “Although I hope that my work can be appreciated on a purely aesthetic level, much of my work is propelled by socio-political subtext. ‘Consignment’, a project developed over a period of six years was a response to human trafficking and extraordinary rendition. “Smoke and Mirrors” addressed the deceits of political spin. ‘Targets and Barcodes’ was inspired by the writings of Orwell and those aspects of our technologically driven contemporary world which take us closer to his dystopia in spite of his warnings.”

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